Perfect house or perfect location – what to look for when moving

perfect house location

People are always uncertain between selecting the most suitable house or the great location when moving to a new area using movers services or by themselves, as the house that is ideal for the families is often located in a less-than-ideal environment and the homes in the perfect neighborhood are not really the best fit for the family.

Then which one is  to choose from: residence or location? The response will be obvious whether you move because you find your dream home (and its location works for you) or because you have a particular reason to live in a certain place (school systems, similarity to someone or something, etc.). The “location or house” question would, however, be quite an issue in all other situations.

Both factors are very important, but making the right decision won’t be easy – you need to evaluate your lifestyle, your needs (not only current, but future too), your interests, your intentions, your financial position, and several other related factors in order to make the best choice for you and your family.

To help you solve the conundrum, here are some strategic considerations.


If area is more important

The placement of a residence (how far it is from essential places and people and what’s available nearby) is of vital importance since it affects every aspect of someone’s life from outside the home within – commutes, social events, leisure activities, etc. And it’s the one thing that can’t be modified about a house.


You can move your house using movers or removalists, you can renovate the house, enlarge it, redecorate it, redesign it, or change it in whatever way you want if you purchase a house but there’s something you don’t like about it. You might even bring it down and reconstruct it from start. No matter what you do, but, your property’s position will stay the same.

Consequently, choosing a home to purchase on the basis of its position makes sense, particularly given that there are several occasions where a house’s location is much more valuable than the house actually.

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1. People intend to sell the property ultimately.

If you buy a place in a good location and movers or removalists move shift your stuff there, the reselling value of your home will still be high. If the area is extremely desirable, even if the economy takes a down turn, it will keep up the value of the assets, and the return will be very good if the market increases. Sought for locations, however, are often costly, so you will have to make a trade-off on the home itself in order to afford to buy in a suitable spot.

2. You have no intention of living forever in that house.

If you just need to live for a few years in a certain house, but choose not to rent, you know that the property you’re going to purchase isn’t going to be your home forever, so it doesn’t have to be ideal, it has to be convenient. And that generally implies a convenient area, even if the properties available are not perfectly suited to your requirements.

3. You're having kids

kids playing

You would, of course, want to provide them with better schooling if you have children (whether they are primary-age or even toddlers), so you would choose to live in a decent school district. School borders would be of primary importance, but as long as it is at the correct address, you can opt to buy a less-than-perfect home.

4. You need a quick commute

You’ll want to get closer to work if you’re sick and tired of wasting hours on the road each day. You will not be able to locate a house that fits all your requirements in a suitable place, but you may have more free time with yourself, your family, and your friends and will feel less tension, so it may be worth the trade-off.

5. You require access to particular services or choose to have multiple facilities within easily accessible.

You will require such services, from specialist healthcare centers to advanced academic institutions, and in those situations, it would only make sense to buy a home near these services, even though the property is not ideal.

Or, you may only want convenient access to hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, sports facilities, entertainment venues, beaches, etc., because you don’t have to travel for miles to get where you need/want to go, so the location of your future home would be more important than the home itself in this case as well.

6. Where you'll be comfortable, you know

You may dream of a safe and quiet life in a green suburban neighborhood; or you may want an active, lively lifestyle in the very middle of the large city; or you may want a like-minded culture (ethnic, social, political, academic, creative, etc.); or you may want to practice special practices only in a certain area.

Your choice of a new home would also be influenced by the crime rates in different parts of a region, the available transit choices, the unique features of the neighbourhoods, and the different facets of community life.

However, as important as the position can be, it is the home on which your life will be focused-it has to be the best match for you.

If the residence is much more valuable than where it is situated

Around half of the people who move home do so because their old home no longer fits their desires and/or desires, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report.

So, the precise location of your new property may not be as relevant as the house itself when moving to a new home in your current city if:

1. More space is required for you

Are you going to move to a larger house or a better location(Using movers or removalists services is always preferred by experts)? Your key consideration would be the size of your new home if:

To support your growing family, you need more space (and more rooms).

For your stuff, you require more storage space;

So you can work from home, practice your hobbies, etc. You need extra rooms for it. In all these situations, even though it means moving to the suburbs or to a less good area, you would be searching for a bigger house that you can afford.

grass around house

2. You do not really need that much space, do you?

You’ll be searching for a smaller home if you want to trim down because your grown-up children have migrated out and your large home seems too vacant; because you can no longer afford the huge costs for your big house; because you want a simpler lifestyle; etc. It will be the scale of the house, not its location, which will matter to you.

3.You require open area

home garden plants

For your kids (and your dog), you may need a wide play field, you also might want to grow vegetables or conduct barbecues in the backyard, you may want to have a summer kitchen, a garage, or a pool in the backyard, etc. In these situations, regardless of exactly where it is situated, you would want to purchase a house with a wide outdoor area.

4. You check for a particular layout

The square footage of a house is not the only thing that matters. A certain amount of bedrooms and baths will be required; you may want a basement and a master bedroom; you may need quiet environment for a home office; you may need an open floor plan for social functions; etc. In those situations, the new home’s architecture and layout may be much more valuable than its location.

When selecting a property to purchase, the nature of the building, the age of the home, and the accessible facilities should also be taken into consideration.

The perfect house or the perfect place? Of course, it would be best if you could buy the ideal house in the perfect spot, but if you can’t, then you’re going to have to worry about what’s more important to you. In a wonderful home that is located in a not-so-great location or in a not-so-great home that is located in a good spot, weigh your needs and desires and determine if you will be happier. Any way, good luck with your new life and your new movement!