Seven things to do immediately after moving in

1. Register your new address

Changing your address is the first, most obvious thing you have to do after moving. Your broadband provider, utility suppliers, home insurance provider, DVLA, and council all need to be notified. To ensure you’re registered to vote, make sure you update any other information on the electoral register.

2. Secure your new house

Changing the locks on your new home is always a good idea – you never know who has your keys.

3. Check out your new area

Find the nearest shops, petrol stations, banks, and post offices by driving or walking around the neighborhood. You’ll also have the chance to meet people in your area.

4. Map your property’s safety features

Make sure your new home’s smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have working batteries. Also, make sure that any other safety devices are functioning properly.

5. Get your mail

Consider paying for mail redirection if you haven’t been able to register your change of address well ahead of time. Your old address will no longer be used to send important documents or information to you.

6. Meet and greet the neighbours

Getting to know your new neighbors early on is always helpful, since they can be of use in the future, and can make settling in so much easier.

7. Relax!

You did well! Taking a deep breath and enjoying the crazy experience of settling in is the hardest part over.