Should I Move my Furniture by Myself?

Furniture Move

ransport company or truck rental company? Many of us have to move from home at least one / two or more times in our lives, and it always occurs to us to rent a truck and move all the furniture ourselves. You might always think moving would be cheaper than hiring a transport company. But once you start talking to truck rental companies, you realize that the reality is different. 

Below are two scenarios so you can understand the cost and other implications for both options. Transport Company: Moving a 1-2 bed home with ACE Movers usually takes 2-4 hours and costs around $ 200-400. This includes all fuel and you get 2 professional moves to do all the moves for you and to disassemble and re-assemble the furniture if needed. They will have tools and carts to help you and blankets to protect your furniture. 

Transit and liability insurance is also included, so you will always be protected in the event of an accident, and moving costs will only begin when the team arrives at your address. Truck Rental Company: There are only a few furniture transport vehicles that can be driven by a driver’s license. The most used vehicle licensed for automobiles is the 4.5 tonne truck. This truck is suitable for a 1-2 sleeper home. 

Furniture Move

I checked the Thrifty (truck rental company) website and their minimum one-day rental cost in Melbourne is around $ 170 on weekdays and $ 285 on weekends, and GST may be optional. There is an additional charge for fuel used and an overpayment of more than $ 1,000 applies in the event of a traffic accident. In addition to the above, you will need to go and pick up the truck, return the truck yourself and move all the furniture yourself. … 

The risk of driving on the road and the protection of your furniture is entirely up to you. You are responsible for the rental car, and sometimes a dubious truck rental company may try to blame you for existing truck damage if you do not check the vehicle at the time of collection. Bottom line: Comparing the costs above, you will see that in some cases, you can save $ 100 or not at all, and you will have to do the hard work of moving all the furniture yourself. While you can drive a 4.5 ton truck with a license, I think it is not an easy task and not many people will feel comfortable driving. 

Transport companies are convenient because they have their own trucks and do more than one moving job per day. So, in my estimation, if you are planning to relocate, it is much better to hire a professional transport company and leave all the moves to their discretion. I don’t think it’s worth taking the risk and trying to move. We at ACE Movers are here to help and our professional relocation teams are the gold standard for relocating to Melbourne.