How does Ace Movers make your move stress free

Ace movers removalist

Moving houses is not an easy task, it does take a lot out of you, all while giving you a lot of stress. Removalists try to make it much easier for you. However, all removalists have different methods that they undertake to make it easy on you.

At Ace Movers our motto is “Stress Free Moving.” To provide the best moving experience to our customers, we follow various steps that start from us receiving a quote. Here we will be breaking down all the steps we at Ace Movers follow during the whole process.

Applying for a quote

We have made the application process for a quote very simple and easy. You just have to answer a few questions and submit them to us. We have made the application process over multiple platforms including our website, Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

Quick Quote

Reaching out to customers

After submitting the application, your job is done. Within a few minutes, an expert from our team will start analysing all the information provided by you. If they need any additional information, they will get in touch with you. After analysing all of the data, they will then calculate an accurate quote and then send it across via SMS and E-mail.

The quote will have clear information related to your move. We despise any hidden charges, which also reflects in our quotes also. You will be able to see our quotes are clear and straight forward. You will only be charged for the things that are in the quote, and nothing more. Unlike other removalists that might seem cheap initially, and add hidden charges later on during the move, we don’t follow any such practices.

Booking process

After the quote is sent to you, and you would like to book in your move with us, you can simply do so with a Calendly link we provide along with the quote. If you are not able to do so, you can simply call us up and book your move. Email and text bookings are also accepted.

Note: We constantly check our emails, texts and call logs, and reply ASAP to customers so that they know that their personal move coordinator is always by their side throughout the move.

Getting ready for your move

A lot of things go into us getting ready for your move. First, all of the jobs for the day are sorted and cleared up in pools according to time. Then, the jobs according to their level of difficulty are then assigned to our moving men.

moving trucks

A day before the move, the jobs are sent to the men, so that they can familiarise themselves with the route and have a smooth moving experience. In the morning all the trucks are cleaned and inspected for all necessary items for the move. After an inspection is done, the men deploy for the day.

Reaching you

The men will contact you 30 minutes ahead of their arrival to inform you so that you can get ready. When they reach your location, they will give you a call to intimate you that they have arrived and would like to start the move. They will then ask you where they can park their vehicle wherever they are directed to do so.

The move

After they have parked their vehicle, they will then ask you what stuff you want to be moved. After looking at everything and the accesses to the property, they will then start the loading process. While loading they will secure all of the stuff with heavy-duty moving blankets and then secure them to the body of the vehicle. This will keep your stuff safe during transportation. After the vehicle is fully loaded, they will then inform you that they are going to start their journey to the new property.

careful removalist

While on the road, all vehicles are tracked diligently by our team in the office, which ensures no time is wasted, and the journey is safe, effective and efficient.

When they arrive at the new property, they will then contact you to inform you about their arrival.

After arriving, they will then ask you where all of the stuff goes and take a look at all of the access points to the property. They will then start the unloading process, all while keeping your stuff and property safe. All of the items will be placed according to your liking.


After 75 percent of the items have been unloaded off of the vehicle, the men will then calculate the hours they worked and confirm the same with you. After everything is confirmed, they will then ask you to make the payment.

After the payment is successful, the rest of the items will be taken down and placed.

Job finished

After the job is complete, the men along with the vehicle return to the depot for an inspection of their vehicles. After all cleaning and servicing is done, they then park the vehicles in the depot and then head home.