Move yourself or hire a removalist? Here’s the answer to that question

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Moving houses is a tedious task, which is why people start looking at hiring professionals for the task. However, after taking a look at the costs involved in hiring removalists, they are then tempted to make the move themselves. If you are also currently standing at a crossroads and cannot make a decision, then this post is for you. Here we will be taking a look at how DIY house moving compares to getting professional removalists.


Getting a removalist is pretty straightforward, you simply ask for a quote and then wait a bit to get it. The quote will have everything outlined, like the cost, what type of moving vehicle is required, how much time it will take and more. Then if you like the quote, you can simply book the move and then relax. The removalists will arrive on the day of the move and will take care of everything required.

Performing a move by yourself is also going to have costs involved. The first thing that you will have to do is to get a truck on rent (keep in mind you are the one that will have to drive it). Then you have to load the truck with your friends and family. After that comes unloading, all while taking care that no item or property is damaged. You have to note, that you will have to purchase all the moving equipment required, which would include packaging material, blankets, a trolley, a dolly, and more. Also after the move, you will definitely have to sponsor the food and drinks for all of your friends and family that helped as a courtesy.

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While moving houses, you will be worried about your precious things like television, glass table tops, and more. While it seems easy to pick this stuff up and transport it, it is not. It takes skill to pick fragile stuff up and place it wherever required. It also requires the skill to strap it and transport it in a truck without damage.

While you and your friends might be able to do it with a certain level of difficulty, professionals move fragile and precious stuff on a daily basis. They are trained to handle these kinds of things in an effective and efficient manner.

No shows

You are all set for the move, everything is arranged, but the friends or the removalists that you had set to help you out, just did not show up. This is a major problem that a lot of people face, thus increasing stress.

With friends, if they do not show up, you cannot do anything, apart from getting angry at them. In the end, you are left annoyed and abandoned. The only thing that you can do is to confirm near the date with your friends if they are happy to help you or not and just hope that they will show up.

If to avoid this, you booked in a removalist, to no avail. They also decided to be a no-show. However, with this, you are legally protected if it is written in the contract. You can simply go to the consumer court and be compensated for the problems you faced. And mostly know that removalists will not cancel as they are getting paid, and also they have to protect their reputation.


Packing is what takes the most time and is the most boring of tasks while moving. It is one task that you won’t be able to enlist your friends’ help. This is because you have to start packing early so that you are ready on the day of the move.

Even if friends’ do help you with packing, they might not show up on the day of the move. And having help while picking up couches is better compared to putting kitchen stuff in boxes and taping it.


With removalists, you can simply enlist their packing services and be carefree that everything will be done by them. You just have to specify how you want things packed and that is it. They will also bring in packing supplies like cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and other materials, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing them.

Keep in mind, professional packers are trained to pack speciality items like pianos. They will pack them securely so that there is no damage during the move.


While picking up heavy stuff, loading and unloading, accidents can happen, which then might result in injuries.

If you or any of your family or friends get hurt during the move, it will be a major problem as you will have to pay for the hospital bills and could also end up paying them much more if a lawsuit is involved. Even if not much is to happen it will still end up in sour relationships.

Now, if the removalists are injured during the move, it will not be something for you to worry about. The professionals helping you move will get compensation from their hirer. The removalist companies have their own insurance for such cover.


While moving houses on your own, you do not have any cover. So if you were to cause breakages at the properties or were to damage any of your goods, then you are the one going to be liable for the same.

Coming to removalists, most professional removalists have insurance policies to cover any such damages. Also, you can drag them to court to get justifiable compensation for damages. Removalists just take out the insurance and pay out the customer for any damages that might have been caused during a move, thus reducing the headache for the customer.

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While you might think that moving houses yourself will be cheaper, it could end up turning out to cost much more than a removalist. Even if you are able to keep the costs down, you will still have to deal with the stress of moving houses. So it is recommended that you be on top of everything and get a top-rated removalist.