What all tools removalists use while helping you to move houses

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While packing up your whole life from inside of a house, might seem like a tedious task. However, loading all of it up on a truck, travelling the distance and then unloading it, is another nightmare that you would not want to experience. To bypass this part, people hire professional removalists like us.

Removalists go through tedious training to increase their knowledge about, how to safely move people’s properties. During the training, they are taught how to utilise all of the professional tools that help with the job. Today we will be taking a look at some of the most important tools used by removalists to help move you from your old place to the new one.

Moving Trolley

A trolley is one of the most used tools in a removalist’s arsenal. It helps them deal with all of the heavy furniture. They can simply wrap around heavy-duty blankets across the heavy stuff and lay it down on the trolley, then they can drag it onto the truck’s hydraulic tail and then simply load it on. Using a trolley helps keep the back of the mover protected and your heavy goods safe.

moving dolly


A dolly is a basic type of trolley, which is completely flat to move around large items like couches and pianos. They help save your moving time and avoid injuries.

Stair roller

A stair roller is another type of trolley, which has multiple wheels and can climb up and down staircases, while carrying heavy stuff. It saves a lot of time and effort in properties with a lot of stairs involved. This is on stairs provides a lot of control and ensures that no matter how heavy your belonging is, it always stay safe.

Furniture sliders

If trolleys can’t do it, then the removalists use furniture sliders, which are stripes or pieces of plastic or foam, that you need to put under the heavy furniture. Once the items are over the sliders, they can easily be slid around the place without leaving any marks on the floor.

Lifting straps and ropes

If heavy items are lifted without the use of the proper equipment, then it increases the chance of the person lifting the item getting a permanent injury. This is why it is recommended that people use lifting straps and ropes.

moving straps

With the help of these the people moving the stuff, will be able to lift everything with a better posture and with a considerable amount of ease.

Ratchet tie downs

Ratchet tie downs help the movers to tie and secure everything to the truck’s body. This ensures that the stuff does not move around and gets damaged while being transported. They come with different capacity loads, and depending on the items and their weight/dimensions, the removalists will use different kinds of ratchet tie downs so that all of your stuff is safe, and the moving experience is as smooth as butter.

Moving blankets

removalist truck fully stacked

Moving blankets are specially designed for wrapping and protecting appliances, furniture and other types of bulky household items. They are made out of a thick material, that protects the delicate finishes of your household items. The blankets also provide extra protection against dirt and moisture also.

Tape, scissors and blades

To pack all items in blankets and secure them, you will require tape that will secure the blanket to the item and the scissors and blades to cut around the tape and other cardboard items.


moving tools

A toolkit consists of all necessary tools like a screwdriver, Allen keys, a tape measure and more, which will be required during a move. These tools will come in very handy during your move and will allow you to move houses effectively and efficiently.