8 questions to Ask Before Finalising Your Removalist

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Before you finalise your removalist and trust them with your home and all your belongings, it is essential that you do a deep dive. Shortlist at least three removalists from websites which fall in your budget and have decent reviews. Here are few questions you need to ask your shortlisted removalists –

What Are Your Prices?


Do not just select a removalist based on their price. Do ring up your shortlisted vendor and first seek an estimated rate which will be based on the size of your house and the distance to the new location.

Most people consider this the final price, however, usually there are additional fees involved. This can include surcharge, fuel, and cost for staff. Once talked about estimated costs, do ask about additional costs, surcharge, etc. Do also inquire about other services that would be included in the cost.

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What will be the timeframe of the move?

The moving process needs to be both safe and swift. It is critical that you move into your new building within the given time. So, do ask your removalist what is the estimate timeframe of the move. This is all the more important if your removalist is charging on per hour basis.

In case of a delay, do ask who will pay for the lost of time and since when will the compensatory price be levied? The delay can be stopped if the removalists arrive on time, do ensure to check regarding the same and what to do in case of last minute cancellation as it might cost you extra rent for a day.

While discussing the timeframe, do ask if the loading unloading time is included.

What are the additional services you offer?

Apart from moving your stuff, the removalists often order other services including packing, cleaning, insurance among others. So, if you want to have a clean and hygienic residence before bringing in your luggage, the movers can avail that too. So, do ask them about all the services, their charges per say and what will be the offered price if you take them along with the move. The package deal is a chance to negotiate the price further.

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What is your total work experience? Are there any referrals?

Do ask your removalists about their work experience. It is always better to have someone experienced to do the job. If you trust someone really fresh into the business, then too go for it. Pros usually charge a higher fee.

While asking about their experience do note if they have worked on a project similar to yours or not. You can also ask them for some referrals and talk to their previous clients about their experience with the removalist. The removalists do have reviews on their websites as well as Google.

Do you have any feedback or customer care units?

In case things go south, do ask whom to contact. You should have an email and phone number beyond their office landline. In case of missing or broken items, ensure there is someone to talk to. Do check and ask for their office location and in case of a bad scenario, do leave a google review.

What will they need from you for a smooth experience?

Do ask them what their requirements or needs are to ensure the transition is smooth. This may include a parking space or some tips to make the workers happy or advanced packing. You can also ask for advice which will be to your own benefit.

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What is the employment status of the workers coming to your venue?

This is an often forgotten but important question. If people coming to perform the services are on the full time basis, then the company has some accountability for their actions, in case of contractual workers, it becomes difficult to trace them back in case of an issue.

What documentation will you be offering? 

From the first quote to the final payment, ensure everything is documented. You can ask them to interact with you via email. Also ask them what all documents they will be offering including payment receipts, insurance etc. Also enquire about the permits and clearances if they have any.