Self Moving Tips

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Follow these simple Self Packing Tips to make your move a Breeze!
  • In the event that you decide to pack yourself, choose a room in your home or apartment where you can use a flat surface (a table or counter top) as your main packing location. The kitchen or dining room works best.
  • You should start packing at least 2-3 weeks before you leave, unless you have only a few items to pack.
  • In 90% of the cases, the following packing supplies would be sufficient to accomplish a ‘packing mission’: small boxes , medium boxes , tape, box cutters, small bubble wrap.
  • It is also helpful to use brand new sturdy boxes at Bunnings or Ace movers. These boxes will save movers’ time because they will be able to move a few boxes at a time with dollies.
  • Small and medium boxes are ideal for books and other heavy objects. Large boxes will otherwise collapse under the weight of too much weight, causing damage to your items.
  • Keep cartons at no more than 20 Kg when possible.
  • Heavy items should be packed at the bottom of boxes and should not be packed with breakable items.
  • Pack fragile items first, because they take longer to pack than clothing. Maybe in a couple of days you’ll think about asking Got2Move to pack the boxes for you. It’s better to have an idea of what you may accomplish prior to moving day than later.
  • Towels and packing paper can be used to fill in hollow spaces in boxes. When packing fragile items, use plenty of bubble wrap and paper. Glasses can be packed in dish packs.
  • As the boxes should stack, nothing should stick out of any of them. A moving truck with stacked, nicely sealed boxes will move more quickly and take up less space.
  • Use a thick marker to label boxes. If you have a lot of boxes, you may also use colored stickers. Label all fragile boxes with the words “Fragile,” “This End Up,” or any other appropriate notation.

Packing takes time. If you plan to pack yourself, begin a few weeks before the actual date. In many cases Ace Movers is asked at the last minute to include a box packing service into the order which is okay; however, if you initially requested the move without packing service and then change your mind, please, let us know asap as we might need to increase the number of a crew members and/or split up your relocation project into two days. We will always be flexible and cooperative regardless when you ask us about packing help but the earlier is better

Because we are committed to providing you a stress free move.