Local Move

By now we have done a move in almost every suburb of Melbourne and Sydney, we know the capital cities better than any other company in the southeast.

Be it finding best parking near you, planning the best route to move you from A to B or bringing the best suited truck to get you moved. ACE has got you covered!

local movers

Interstate Move

If you decide to move to another state, ACE has got you covered. We have specially trained dedicated interstate team, that will make your move to the new home a lot more easier. 

And did we tell you? We have best interstate rates in Melbourne

Special Heavy Items

Got precious heavy items, like piano or spa? Not to worry our team is trained to handle these items with extra care. 

And we bring special equipment to move these items.

piano move
furniture removalist

Furniture Move

Every one wants to get their brand new furniture delivered in one piece, let alone scratchless.

Let us help you move your furniture and we will deliver it to you in the exact condition you bought.


Don’t have time to pack? We will pack your stuff, unpack it at the destination and even arrange it at your will. Just tell us that you want packing services too, when booking with us.

Packing services
storage services


Did you know we call ourselves “Tetris Kings”, this is because we have years of experience in stacking up stuff in storage. Book your move to storage with us and we will make sure we stack your stuff by using every bit of space in storage, and all that without the risk of any damage.

Wherever you are moving and whatever you are taking, we will get you there!