Ultimate Moving Checklist: Plan That Works for Stress-Free Move

moving boxes

A simple mantra for a smooth move is organization. But organization is difficult to implement. To start organising, you need a plan. It’s easier said than done. When it comes to something as big as moving house, a thorough checklist which not only mentions all the tasks but also allows room for flexibility is the basic necessity. Here is the ultimate moving checklist which allows you to keep track of things in a simple and organized way.

The first thing to do is to sit with a pen and a paper and start making lists. Make clean, and clear lists which can be understood even when you are overwhelmed with a lot of work.

Organize Documents

Make a separate folder for documents including the rent slips and rent agreement of the current house and the documentation for the new house. Make sure that you have all documented proofs of the payments made. Include utility bills of the new and previous accommodation. Click images to ensure no extra amount is payable.

organise your move

Also get your academic and work experience letters sorted and in a binder. This file should also hold important tax documents and other things.


Before deciding on what goes in your new house and what to buy anew, take measurements of the carpet area as well as the furniture. This will also give you an estimate if the things you have will fit rightly or not. If in doubt, it’s better to leave the hefty furniture and sell it. By reducing your inventory you will also bring down the cost of moving.


In case of new purchases, give yourself time to think about these after the move and in case of really urgent ones, better order them for a new address beforehand.

Also, declutter and organize what you think should go to the new place. Downsizing before moving is a cost-effective and therapeutic idea.

Moving company

Try to keep a documentation trail for the booking of the removalists or movers as well. Start by writing quotes by different movers. Have the payment mode, estimated cost, and other details over email. A copy of security or payment paid so far among other details. This would ensure you do not end up paying extra. You might also need copies of permits and approvals if you are moving interstate.

If you are hiring people for multiple services, say a cleaning team, and a packing team. Do get quotes on their arrival time etc on the list to ensure everything goes as per schedule.


As part of your list, make an inventory of what all is moving. Make a list of boxes and what each of them contains and label each box. Further create a room by room inventory for better understanding of what went where.

You also need to make a list of repairs that need to be done in the current accommodation before moving.

Make a list of groceries and pantry items. Try not to buy groceries a week before the move and finish as much as you can, rest can be donated. Also create a list of things you would need to buy for the new place, in terms of fresh items.

New Place

Before moving to the new place, make a list of nearby places using Google Maps to understand the route to the nearest doctor, grocery store. Make a plan of public transport routes, ways to travel to work among others. Do share emergency contact with your friends.