Packing Hacks to Ensure Safe Move

packing hacks for house moving

We have all heard stories of people losing their belongings while moving their homes. People also tend to run out of luggage and storage space to keep their belongings, some end up buying everything new in addition to the cost of the new house. Most of these problems can be solved with better packing. If you also want to ace the packing hacks, read on!

Start With Right Supplies

Half of the work is done if you have the right packing supplies. After packing you clothes in bags, start with packing an emergency kit to keep with you in a small bag which you can carry around. For everything else, you will need the right packing supplies.

Basic supplies include cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, padding supplies, scissors, packing tape, labeling stickers, and markers. Make sure you have the right kind of box for right kind of product. The boxes should not only be able to carry the weight of the objects but also be easy to carry, doubly secured, and labeled well.

Often missed but highly critical items while packing are the buffering materials. This can be either by bubble wrap or by a newspaper, you can even use your old clothes to fill the gap between two objects or wrap them around the object which is delicate. A careful packing can go a long way.

Extra Care for Electronics

Care is needed while packing all items, but some things such as electronics need extra care while packing. It is essential to ensure your iron is not hot while putting it in a box. Electronics can ideally go in the box they had arrived in. In absence of which, go liberal with the padding material while packing.

While planning, bladders or knives in a food processor ensure they are in a small box which they cannot cut, in addition to padding the blades.

moving and packing service

For Television sets, computers etc. Click the image of the set-up device. This ensures that you have a reference image while setting it back up in the new house. Finding the manuals and keeping them along with the device is also a good idea.

You can always go for insurance for expensive items, further, most movers help in packing too. While booking the right experts, ask them to help with your electronics if you are not sure about how to move ahead.

Packing & Storage Station

There is a method to chaos. Do not start packing or unpacking all at once. Dedicate a space for packing, a place for each of your packing supplies. This can save you a lot of energy, time, and frustration. Everything that is packed goes at one place, there needs to be a dedicated place for to-be packed while rest stays put.

If you are finding things which you will not be carrying with you to your new place, it’s better to sort them and dump or stock for reselling or donating as and when you are packing else it would be a huge lump and keep disturbing you as you manage other things.

stress free moving and packing

Before shifting to the new house, make sure that your new place is cleaned. You can use cleaning services for it. Also, dedicate a space for unloading and dumping all your stuff. While packing can take days, unloading is going to be all at once and leave your new place in a mess. You can dedicate a space as a storage station and then move boxes based on labels. You can ask the movers to place specific items which are heavy or delicate at specific spots.

Pack Last, Open First

While packing make sure to pack things based on their utility. Things you use on a daily basis need to be backed at the end. Also, ensure to open these things first. You can make a day 1 bag which can include your toothbrush, toiletries, cleaning supplies, mug, medicine, bowl etc. Things which are to be used on the first day.