Expert Advice on How to Move a Piano Like a Pro

Expert Advice on How to Move a Piano Like a Pro

What method do you use to relocate your piano? The answer, like relocating everything else, depends around 4 goals:

  • Protecting your piano
  • Protecting your house
  • Maintaining your own safety
  • The task should be completed on time.

The easiest method to achieve all four is to hire a team of piano movers professionals, regardless of the sort of piano you have. It is just not a smart idea to move a piano on your own or hire non-professionals Removalist & piano movers.

Several but not all Removalist will transport pianos as part of their services. There are even a handful that are solely dedicated to moving pianos! The former may be less expensive, whereas experts Removalist & piano will almost certainly be more expensive.

What is the cost of moving a piano?

This is the most common question that has been asked and it is mostly determined by:
What type of piano do you own? & How much does it weigh?

It’s a fair bet that hiring piano movers & removalist will be more expensive than hiring a standard moving company to handle the job as part of your entire house moving

To find out how many movers you’ll need and how much it’ll cost, multiply:

For a vertical piano, you’ll need 2-3 movers (or 4 if it’s really hefty).

For a grand piano, 4-6 movers are required.

Multiply your estimate by the hourly rate of your movers (approximately $25-40).

If your total seems a little high, keep in mind what matters most: securing your piano, your house, and yourself. I hate to break it to you, but getting it locked down at whatever cost should be music to your ears.

What is the cost of moving a piano

What kind of removalist or piano movers should I hire?

What kind of removalist or piano movers should I hire

Well. again this depends upon the following major factors:

What is the make and model of the piano you have?

Vertical pianos and baby grand pianos are the two main varieties of pianos. A baby grand piano is not the same as a vertical piano, and this will have an influence on which removalist & house moving services or any top movers  you choose.

Whereas many regular removalist have the means and understand exactly how to move a baby grand, you must probably hire a best removalist in Melbourne when you go to bigger, heavier, and more costly valuables.

What is the weight of your piano?
What is the weight of your piano

Is this a five-foot, half-ton upright or a three-foot, 300-pound spinet?

Although if you are unaware of this, a house movers, removalist or piano movers will either inquire or make an informed estimate based on the information you offer, and will then plan appropriately.

How long does it take you to come out of your current location?

This is the only way for piano to the removalist, house movers or piano movers vehicle. Carrying the piano for a long path (from indoor to outdoor) is not an issue but  the role of stairwells cannot be underestimated. The more pianos you have and the heavier your piano is, the more experienced removalist, house movers, piano movers or top movers you’ll require.

How do you transport an upright piano?

How do you transport an upright piano

We’re hoping to proceed with caution. However, when there are no stairwells to navigate, don’t be shocked if just two movers arrive. Even with a heavier vertical piano, one person lifting one end and one person positioning a 4-wheeler beneath is all that is required.

The piano becomes a small task for your removalist, house movers, piano movers or top movers to move down the hallway and out the door after it is centred and stabilized on the wheeled wooden rectangle. (They’ll appreciate it if you open the path for them ahead of time!)

The entire process of handling a piano, from packing it to moving it to loading it onto a truck, takes approximately an hour on average. Several stairs and narrow passageways would, of course, take longer.

However, a piano, like any other piece of furniture, should be covered in heavy, protective moving padding. It may appear weird if your removalist, house movers, piano movers or furniture removals do not wrap your piano before transporting it. Pads, on the other hand, might make it difficult to obtain a solid hold on anything large and heavy. As a professional mover, I prefer to wrap the piano just after it has been loaded into the truck. It’s possible that your house moving services will wish to do the same.

Your removalists will very certainly be able to negotiate a step or three without the assistance of a third pair of hands.

A third person is usually always required to assist out on the bottom end of the piano, regardless of whether it is going up or down. Likewise, the mover in charge of the higher end will be bent over attempting to keep their side under control. A second pair of hands is beneficial, if not essential, in this situation as well.

However, this is a task for a specialist. If they want to step in and help comes, resist it. Please believe me when I say this.

Since I’ve never tried it, turning a vertical piano upside down is a viable option as a last option. Understand that if your movers use this to slide your massive upright down a flight of stairs, it is not for any cause other than the protection of your piano, your home, and potentially the movers themselves. (But, if your piano has not been pad-wrapped, you should ask your removalist, house movers, piano movers or furniture removals company that you hired if they try to slide it across a bare floor or bare steps on either side!)

When I have to transport a baby grand piano, what should I consider?

When I have to transport a baby grand piano, what should I consider

A huge piano need a whole new technique, as well as entirely different tools. What if there are just two movers? Place yourself among them and your piano and request that they contact the office and increase, if not triple, their staffing. We can see why by looking at the procedures for transporting a grand piano.

Do not attempt this at home.

Do not attempt this at home.

Whenever you hire removalist, house movers, piano movers or furniture removals to transport your baby-grand piano, then must expect them to accomplish the following:

  1. Your piano is completely covered — from top to bottom and all the way around the edges.
  2. Except for one member of the team, everyone grabs a grip of the piano’s left front corner.
  3. The last mover goes beneath the piano to detach the bolt from the corner leg. The worker raises the edge off the ground gently.
  4. With a rubber mallet, the mover under the piano (gently) smashes the leg loose from its bracket.
  5. Half of the team is in charge of holding up that now-legless corner, while another half is in charge of the piano on the opposite side.
  6. The movers on the other side rise up to maintain the weight of the piano off the two remaining (and now diagonal) legs as the legless corner is lowered to the floor. This is necessary to prevent the legs from cracking under the weight of the piano.
  7. The piano’s left side, which is the broadest, is placed on the piano board that the movers must have carried. This sturdy, compact platform is cushioned, has a rising lip on one end, and two metal brackets on either side for the ratchet straps that hold the piano securely fastened to the board.
  8. Once the piano is securely anchored in position, the remaining two legs are detached, the piano is slanted to allow a 4-wheeler to be put beneath the piano board, and the team maintains control as they roll.


That is a lot of technical data. Would you be able to keep up?

The big piano will usually stay on the piano board until the owner moves into a new living room. However, if you leased a truck from Budget and are utilising local moving workers, anticipate the move-out team to remove your piano from their board after it is loaded onto the truck. They’ll anchor it to the (inside) wall of the truck with additional padding, and the unload team will place it on their piano board to transport it into your new house.


Don’t panic, AceMovers are experienced in moving pianos. While exploring the countrywide marketplace, just be sure to verify that you possess a piano. Also, be sure to tell the best removalist what kind you have so that they can provide all of the needed items – as well as enough people – to do the task properly. It’s due to your piano.