How to pack and move fragile glassware: Follow these simple steps

how to pack fragile stuff

The kitchen consists of the most fragile items inside of a home. All of these items like glasses, plates, bowls, etc. are prone to breaking, which will cause distress if broken. While you cannot completely avoid the risk, you can surely mitigate it. With proper packaging you can reduce the risk of fragile kitchenware and glassware being damaged.

Today we will be taking a look at how to package glassware safely, so that when you reach your new home, you have a full dinner set for the first meal in the new home.

Make a list

List down all the fragile glassware items that you need to be moved. Listing down the inventory is going to help you in knowing how much fragile goods you have and how much packing material you will require.

list for packing fragile stuff

During this process, you will also be able to find out all of the unwanted items that you do not want to take with you to the new home. You can then look at disposing of, donating or recycling such items.

After writing down all of the fragile items that you want to move, you need to categorise them like wine glasses, tumblers, plates and bowls, vases and more.

Calculate how much packing material you need

After you have written down all of the inventory and categorised all of the items, you will then be able to calculate how much packing material like butcher paper, bubble wrap, tape, and boxes you will require.

packing boxes

Purchase a bit more packing material than you calculated, as then you can pack the glassware in a more spaced out manner. This will reduce the weight of each box, thus making them easier to lift, and less likely to damage.

Start the preparation

Assemble all of the boxes and tape up all of the seams along the bottom and the sides with packing tape.

packing household items

Use butcher paper to wrap up all of the glassware and then cover it with bubble wrap and tape up the wrapping, so that everything remains secure.

Boxing up the glassware

Now that everything is wrapped and the boxes are ready, you need to slowly filling up all of the boxes according to your categories. Take note, do not overfill the boxes as it will make them heavy and more prone to damage. Also heavy boxes can rip from below and could make things fall down.

Packing a plate

If you want a little bit of more organisation, then you can also look to add in dividers in the boxes, to separate all of your stuff.


After all the glassware is packed, you then need to label the boxes with FRAGILE GLASSWARE stickers, or use a permanent marker to mark the same. This way the removalists will know that the boxes consist of fragile items and that they should be handled with care. You should also mark which way up the boxes should go with an arrow.

labelling stuff

After the labelling is done, just seal the boxes with tape.