How to protect your mattress while moving or in storage

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A mattress is something that you invest a good amount of money on. And why not, you spend almost half of your life sleeping on it. However, when moving houses, it is one of the last things that people think about protecting. They think that if it gets loaded onto a truck and doesn’t go flying off the roof in the middle of the road then everything is fine. It is one thing that professional removalists like us put extra effort into protecting with things like mattress bags, zip ties and more, just so that you can have a good night’s sleep after the stressful day of the move.

What is a mattress bag?

A mattress bag is a mattress cover used to protect a mattress from dust, dirt, grime, and moisture. They are available in various dimensions to accommodate mattress sizes ranging from twin to king.

There are a lot of mattress bags made from different materials available in the market. Three types of mattress bags are mainly available: reusable tarp, plastic, and polythene. They also have individual benefits like one might be waterproof and self-sealing, while the other one could have a zipper.

Mattress bags are fairly inexpensive with prices ranging from $5 to $40, depending on the brand and the type of bag.

mattress bag

Why invest in a mattress bag?

You should invest in a mattress bag to protect your expensive investment. There are multiple sub-reasons as to why you should protect your mattress bag, which we will discuss below.

Keeps your mattress in perfect condition

Dust, bed bugs, dirt and grime could be prevalent on your moving truck or storage unit. These pose a significant threat to your well-being. A mattress bag, will protect it from all of these easily. Inside a mattress bag, your mattress will stay in its pristine condition.

Prevents risk of water damage

With a mattress bag, you can be sure that your mattress is from any kind of water damage. This will help you protect your mattress from becoming a breeding ground for mould, mildew, and bacteria. It will also help you secure your mattress from discolouration and could odour.

How to choose a mattress bag?

Mattress bags are available in different types and choosing the one that suits all your needs is imperative.

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Times of use – If you are looking to use a mattress bag only once for a move, then getting a plastic one will do the trick. If you want to just store the mattress in a room for a few days then a cheap polythene one will come in handy. However, if you are looking to move again and again or store the mattress for a long time then getting a reusable tarp is a better idea.

Heavy-duty material – Inexpensive mattress bags are prone to ripping and tearing, which is why it is crucial to try and find a heavy-duty option. A heavy-duty mattress bag will ensure that your mattress remains protected throughout the storage period.

Will it fit – Mattress bags are available in various sizes, which is why you should ensure that you are ordering the right size for your mattress. The best way to do so is by measuring your mattress dimensions and then comparing them to the mattress bag.

How to use a mattress bag

Step 1 – Open the mattress bag up and place it on the ground.

Step 2 – Take off all the bedding and then clean up your mattress, and then ensure it is completely dry.

Step 3 – Now, with the help of a friend, pick up your mattress and then place it inside the bag.

Step 4 –  Now seal up your mattress bag completely.

Things to keep in mind while storing a mattress

  • Ensure that the mattress is stored in a flat position, so that its shape can be maintained and it has a long lifespan.
  • Apart from putting on a mattress cover, you should also cover your bed frame with a moving bag or tarp so that it’s also not exposed to dust, pests, and other allergens.