How to safely move your couch from your old home to a new one

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Lounges and sofa sets are a long-time investment that an individual makes to make a house into a home. However, there might come a time when you would look to move the couch along with you into your new house. But doing so is a tedious task, and requires an extreme amount of care.

While hiring a removalist service, will take care of transporting your couch/sofa set to your new home. They will still take time to pack and secure the couch properly before they load it onto the truck. Now, if you do not want the hassle of these guys trying to pack it up, as it will take time, and time is money. You can prepare the couch yourself for the move. Having the couches ready for the move will save you time, as the removalists will simply load them onto the truck along with your other belongings in a timely order.

Here we will be listing out tips for you to get your couch ready for the move.

Find your moving vehicle

The first thing you need to do is to measure your couches have an idea of what vehicle will they fit in, along with the other stuff you are moving. The most popular truck for moving couches and sofa sets with us is the 5-ton (20 cubic metre) truck.

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Prepare the couches for the move

After you have finalised on a mode of transport for your couches/sofa set, you can now start preparing the furniture for the move.

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  1. Remove all of the cushions and the sitting pads from the lounge set. Store these away in a different location and move them separately, while not on the couch set.
  2. Remove the legs of the couches if possible. This will allow the set to be manoeuvred around easily in tight spaces. If it is too heavy, then removing the legs will also help with the set being put up on dollys to move around.
  3. Clean the whole set. This will allow for the set to feel new with a fresh smell when it gets to your new home.
  4. After the couch has been cleaned, all you are left to do is cover it up using cardboard, bubble wrap and shrink wrap. This will help it stay protected from dust, debris, moisture, and scratches during transport.
  5. After you have covered the couch set properly, and the removalists arrive, you can also insist they use an additional layer of moving blankets to act as another layer of protection for your expensive investment.