Moving soon? 10 Essential things to do before the due date

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Moving houses is a very hectic and stressful experience for people. It is of those things that most will have to do at least once if not at regular intervals. While house moving is not fun, it can be made a lot more stress-free by hiring professional removalists like Ace Movers. However, before the removalists reach your doorstep, there is still a lot of stuff that you need to take care of. Here we will be detailing the top 10 most important things that you need to do ahead of your move.

Write down everything

Make a folder with multiple pages, where you write down specifics. This will include separate pages for things like essentials to pack, which boxes are going to be placed where, and more. This will help you stay organised and have an extremely smooth move. From our experience as professional removalists, the customers who have a folder with everything written down. Whereas, the people who aren’t organised have a very haphazard experience.

Pack and measure

Now that you have written down everything, follow your folder to pack up all of the stuff. Pack the things in tightly to save up on space and also the cost of packing material. After the packing is done, measure up all of the stuff so that you know which truck size would fit it, and you don’t have to worry about multiple trips on the day of the move. If you are unsure about measuring, you can use our tool for the same.

Pack essentials at the last and separate them

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While packing, separate out the essentials that you will require immediately after the move. Pack all of these separately and then move them in your car or get the removalists to put them at the end so that it gets taken off first, and you have access to them as soon as you get to the new place.

Take photos of all items

While professional removalists are extremely careful during the move, there still might be mis happenings during the move and things might break. To have the smoothest experience find removalists with insurance, then take photos of all items, and after the move is completed carefully check all items for damage. If you find damage, intimate the removalists within 24 hours via email, with photos of the damage and the previous state of the goods.

Lock all drawers

Lock or tape up all of the drawers of the tall boys, cupboards and more. This will ensure the safety of the inner mechanisms of the drawers. It will also help protect against any breakages and spillage.

Safeguard your jewellery and watches

While removalists are professionals, there might still be some malefactors. So it is recommended that you separate your jewellery, watches, and other expensive knick-knacks, and transport them yourself.

Book in advance

Always book removalists in advance. It will help you get the desired dates and times for the move. It will also help you be safe from surge pricing. It will help you get your move sorted at around 30 to 40 percent lower cost than if you are looking to book closer to the moving date. Moreover, you can also get your date shifted at a later point and still safeguard the quoted price at that time.

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Stay safe from hidden costs

While some removalists will seem a lot cheaper than others, they have a lot of hidden charges. These hidden charges that you might be charged include walking fees, excessive stair charges, food fees, break charges, and more. Beware of such dodgy practices. Good removalists will always communicate all of the charges inside of the quote.

Get the loading zone or parking booked in advance

If you live in apartments or townhouses with difficult access, we recommend that you book the loading zone or a close parking well in advance. This will help your job finish sooner and save you money. Moreover, some removalists after checking extremely difficult access might even cancel the job so always be prepared with easy access.

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Get the utilities at the new place sorted

Now that your moving facilities are all taken care of. You need to sort out all of the utilities at the new place. So that once you arrive at the new place, everything is working and in order. It will help you save time and not deal with a headache later on when the hot water is not working or the electricity in one room is completely cut.