6 Hacks to Save Money While Moving

save while moving

If you are moving houses, chances are you already have big dreams about decorating your new house. As rewarding and life changing a move can be, moving can also be a hectic and expensive affair. If you are planning on your next move. Apart from the rent, the security money, and buying new items for your new place, there are many expenses you will incur while moving. Here are six hacks to help you keep the expenses incurred while moving to a low.

Personal Budget

Start by deciding an overall budget for your move. While making a budget keep space for some miscellaneous expenses too. Once you have decided on the upper budget limit then stick to it. Prefer to have it in writing to ensure it will keep you on track. Avoid making impulsive decisions and even keep the higher expenses or purchases for next month. Track your expenses from months before the move and note where you can make cuts. From buying new cutlery to finalizing the right removalists, make decisions based on your budget.

Schedule Saves

One way to reduce the cost of moving is to decide on the right date. If you are moving on a days with high moving dates, the rates of the vehicles, removalists, and everything will be higher. Try to move on days when the market is down, for instance, months with no or negative student movement will have lower rents as compared to months when students flow in.

If you are moving to an office, try to move on days which will impact your work the least. Preferably on a weekend or an off-day; to ensure least impact on the business. Make sure to spread the word about the new location amid customers beforehand and prepare the staff too. Keep one day after moving to ensure all softwares and hardwares are in place. You would also have to give some time to employees to settle in the new place. Consider all these factors while finalizing the dates.

Hire Removalists

It is a misconception that having removalists will increase the cost of your move. Of course, you have to pay the removalists but it can save you on several occasions including getting you the right vehicle to move, save you time, ensure no breakage or loss of items.

hire removalists

While booking removalists try to crack the best deal. You can ask for insurance, packing facilities, and even second hand boxes, if available. While booking removalists check their pricing policies. If you are moving interstate, go for a day-wise payment and if the move is smaller, an hourly payment can help you save some bucks.


The fewer your stuff, the smaller the need of carpet area, the lesser the amount of move. Downsizing before making a move is a must. Almost everyone tends to hoard more than they need. This can be a rewarding experience in multiple ways.

Downsizing also helps in calming the brain down and helps you understand what you need in the new house and have a relook at your lifestyle choices.


Alternate Packing Material

You can move without spending high on packing. Try to arrange the packing material in alternative ways. Things like old bedsheets can be used instead of cardboard boxes. You can also get cardboard boxes from shops and even removalists for free or second hand boxes can be availed for low cost. Instead of padding material, newspapers, towels, and old clothes etc can be used. This brings down moving costs drastically.