How to Organise for Stress-Free Moving Experience

Organising a stress free move

Moving can be and for most part is, exhausting. This is not only because of the heavy lifting of things but the sheer inconvenience of having some things packed, some displaced. All the mess causes a lot of stress. But, there is a way out. Better planning and organising can help you have a stress-free moving experience.

The best thing to do is to pause and make mental maps before diving in. A delayed start can not only keep you ahead in the longer run but can also maintain your peace of mind.

Lists and Labels

Waiting and planning is easier said than done. No matter how confident you are in yourself, do not rely only on your mental lists. Pick up pen and paper and start making lists of to-do, done, and pending. Smaller tasks are likely to keep cropping up.

You can also make lists of all the movers, their quotes, timings, your schedule etc. to pick the right one for yourself.

Fragile Items

While packing, ensure that you label all the boxes. What you are putting under which label can be a separate list too. For instance, crockery can go in fragile box 1 instead of kitchen box 3.

Divide and Conquer

While working on your lists, try to pick one thing at a time. Starting multiple things, even if you have a list will leave you overwhelmed. In fact, try to break up your tasks into smaller ones. Divide and conquer is the strategy for a stress-free move.

Start by dividing the whole house into smaller units, say by room. Now, the kitchen is one section, the bedroom is another. Utility and miscellaneous can also be sections. While starting with one area, further divide the room into smaller compartments and start packing with the least used items and leave the most used ones for the last.

moving house

Label boxes based on what you are keeping in them. Secure boxes strongly with duct tape. Also add a buffer to ensure items do not break up due to friction wile inside the box.

Yes, No, May be

One of the hardest things to realise while packing your bags is to understand that you cannot take everything with you. Moving and packing allow an opportunity to declutter and downsize. While packing make a pile of things that you have not used in the past six months. There is a bright chance that these are not serving you anymore and its time to part ways.

While sorting things, especially if you have a hard time saying goodbye, divide things into three sections – yes, no, and maybe. The yes pile is what is essential, and makes you happy. No is a clear pile. For the stuff which is non-sentimental and you have not used in past six months or more can go in a pile.

Pack the yes pile and donate the no-pile. Then take a fresh look at the may-be pile.

Removalists to Rescue

If you have done all of these points and still feel overwhelmed, if there is too much going on or if you think you are just not up to do so much. Removalists are there for your rescue. Most of the removalists offer packing and cleaning services. While booking a removalist, ask for these services too.